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AHG_000015 - Legal Services (CS23)
Legal Services The intention is to run an OJEU restricted tender later in 2020 and we are looking to generate some pre-engagement interest for this project. Please see supporting documentation in attachments.
31/12/2020 13:15
AHG_000037 - Fire Safety Remedial Works (PP78)
Fire Safety Remedial Works anticipated scope to cover any of the following: • Building Structural Fire Protection • Compartmentation of walls, floors and ceilings • Cavity Barriers • Fire Shutters, Doors and Curtains • Refurbishment of nominal and notional fire doors • Replacements of Fire Door Sets/Leaf* • Intumescent Air Transfers and Grilles • Fire resisting ducting/dampers • General Fire stopping around service penetrations e.g. pipes and cables • General Building Works (incl. external means of escape pathways/scooter stores) • Health Checks & Surveys (incl. M&E surveys) • Automatic Opening Vents and door opening devices • Reconfiguration/replacement of fire alarm panels • General electrical works related (general electrical works including additional plug sockets) • Asbestos testing and removal • Building passive fire protection • Cladding removal and replacement systems • Balcony removal and replacement systems • Design and install sprinklers
AHG_000039 - Recruitment (Support Services) (CS51)
AHG_000039 - Recruitment (Support Services) (CS51) ITT Anchor Hanover is looking for a number of suppliers to tender for its recruitment for Support Services roles. The successful bidder(s) will be responsible for the supply of temporary, permanent and interim roles into 8 departments. To support this, the opportunity has been divided into the following Lots: Lot 1 - IT Lot 2 - Finance Lot 3 - Procurement Lot 4 - Property Lot 5 - Marketing & Communications Lot 6 - HR Lot 7 - Health & Safety Lot 8 - Customer Centre The contract will be awarded for an initial two year period, with an option to extend for a further three years (1+1+1) subject to satisfactory performance and the written agreement of both parties. Anchor Hanover is seeking suppliers who can offer a responsive and cost-effective solution delivering both high quality and value.
27/11/2020 17:00
AHG_000041 - Call Systems Servicing Remedial & Repairs (PP32a)
PP 32a - Call Systems Servicing Remedial & Repairs
AHG_000045 - Passenger Lifts QLTA (PP30)
Servicing & Repairs. Installations.
AHG_000046 - Call Systems QLTA Works (PP32b)
PP32b - Call Systems QLTA Works
AHG_000047 - Fire Safety Systems & AOV Servicing & Maintenance (PP31)
PP 31 - Fire Safety Systems & AOV Servicing & Maintenance
30/11/2020 10:20
AHG_000049 - Automatic Doors Servicing, Repairs & Install (PP40)
PP 40 - Automatic Doors Servicing, Repairs & Install We are planning to publish an Open Tender for this opportunity in early September. Any contractors are requested to register their interest by responding to this notice.
AHG_000055 - Responsive Repairs - PP42
Responsive repairs service for 120 care homes, 400 home ownership properties and 1130 rented locations across England
AHG_000060 Supply of Furniture
Supply of Residential Furniture to all Care Homes, Rental Schemes and Estates. This includes but is not limited to Communal/Lounge, Bedroom and Reception Furniture.
28/01/2021 17:00
AHG_000071 Supply of Soft Furnishings
Supply of Residential Soft Furnishings to all Care Homes, Rental Schemes and Estates.
28/01/2021 17:00
AHG_000082 Supply and Service of Profiling Beds
Supply and Service of Profiling Beds
30/11/2020 12:00
AHG_000088 Supply of Medical Consumables
Supply of Medical Consumables You are now able to submit your expressions of interest.
27/11/2020 12:00
AHG_000092 Supply of Garden Furniture
Supply of Garden Furniture Contract start date: 01/04/2021
29/01/2021 12:00
AHG_000094 Supply, Service & Maintenance of assisted bathing equipment, hoists & slings
Supply, Service & Maintenance of assisted bathing equipment, hoists & slings Supply and service of the above equipment to all care homes (114 sites in total) Current Contract expiry August 2021 Contract Value: Approx. £560,000.00
01/03/2021 17:00