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AHG_000045 - Passenger Lifts QLTA (PP30)
Servicing & Repairs &Installations. Please note this tender is not released yet. The proposed release date has not been determined. EOI registration on the portal will ensure you are informed when the tender is live for bidding.
AHG_000055 - Responsive Repairs - PP42
Responsive repairs service for 120 care homes, 400 home ownership properties and 1130 rented locations across England
AHG_000096 Provision of Signage
Provision of Signage
31/05/2022 17:00
AHG_000374 PP145 Domestic & Commercial Heating (South)
PP145 Domestic & Commercial Heating (South) Regional map has been attached , however this is subject to change as we are in the process of defining the South divide. Please take a look at the map and make a note of the regions that you could cover. The scope of this project covers the following areas for servicing, maintenance, repairs and replacement including asset investment work for all gas heating assets for both Commercial + Domestic. These systems include: gas boilers  unvented electric cylinders  air source heat pumps  ground source heat pumps  solid fuel heat systems  warm air units  gas fires  underfloor heating  heat interface units  both gas and oil fired commercial plant rooms and systems including all associated equipment  combined heat & power units
28/01/2022 12:00
AHG_000398 - Connected Properties - Provision and Delivery (CS68) - SQ
AHG_000398 - Connected Properties - Provision and Delivery (CS68) - SQ Anchor are seeking to engage with a supplier to provision and manage internet connectivity for it’s residents and staff at approximately 1600 locations covering approximately 60000 residents throughout England.   The aim of the service will be to provide a fully managed service (including the provision of internet circuits, local LAN equipment and the management and support of such) and must include the following 1.    Internet service for each resident in our Housing and Care locations that is either logically or physically separated from other residents and staff. 2.    Full flood Wi-Fi based internet connectivity throughout the location for staff based at these locations for anywhere from 1 staff member at housing locations to 30 at care locations 3.    Full flood Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the location for 3rd party or guest access 4.    Fixed line or Wi-Fi internet connectivity for IOT devices 5.    Connectivity for our SIP based telephony systems replacing legacy analogue systems (this would include alarm-based systems) It is important to note that Anchor have embarked on a Cloud-first strategy with all corporate services being delivered through public internet interfaces.  As such no WAN configuration is required as part of this solution. To be considered for the ITT stage, please fully complete the questions found on the Questionnaire tab. Anchor Hanover Group terms & conditions will be used for delivery of the project, a copy of our standard terms can be found in the attachments area. Service-specific amendments will be allowed for the supporting schedules. As part of your submission, please complete the Confidentiality Certificates found in the attachments area – this should be uploaded on the final tab of the questionnaire. The closing date for submissions is 28/01/2022 @ 14:00 (2 p.m.)
28/01/2022 14:00